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Please try to imagine this situation…

Suppose that your long-awaited condominium unit has been turned over.

  • However, due to MECQ and GCQ, the future may be waiting for you.
  • You would definitely hate going to the malls due to admission restrictions.
  • Wait forever for the furniture you bought that you don’t know when it will arrive.

You finally got the furniture, but you can’t get the work permit from the management office of the condominium.

  • The interior design is finished perfectly. Then, you’re going to try leasing it out right away, but the broker can’t move without public transportation.
  • Because there is no help for it, you will run the car and do the viewing procedure by yourself and you will succeed in renting it.
  • But then the second wave of COVID-19 attacks.
  • Moving restrictions have been placed, rent cannot be collected from the tenant. After some time, some appliance gets broken.

It’s the worst!

But of course, we don’t want this to happen to you.

After all, you need to spend your time focusing on other things. Please leave the interior and real estate management to Global Strategy Real estate (GSR) from the beginning! We will do everything on your behalf.

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